Remember (time waits for no-one)

Still frames from the video - part of The Sonosphere project

Visualising the unconscious mind at play - the positive and negative altered state 

Both left and right want to synthesise, to merge together in a fusion of thought and 
feeling, of logic and dance, a confusion of coalescence, a flirtation with fusion.

A Mucha-like aureole, a stereoscopic halo of inner and outer perception. 

(Featuring Keri Highland).

The clear unpolluted water flows gently through the derelict, once grandiose, buildings by the central sea. 

There is peace and beauty in this place - no human life lives here - only displaced spirits from long ago. is this the last logic of hypnopompic dreams, or a hypnagogic vision that flirts with awakening?

Music "SLIP" from The Sonosphere CD